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Financial Planning

Why financial planning is necessary?

“Someone’s is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree longtime ago.” – Warren Buffet Financial planning is the process of achieving life goals using different investment options. Furthermore financial planning is necessary as it helps you to meet the long, medium and short-term life goals. It is not...

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are personal loan Taxable

Is Personal Loan Taxable ?

We would like to bring in your kind attention 3 most important aspect of  Personal loan and its legal implications in India 1. No…….because loan is not an income , unless you can prove the identity ,genuineness and credit worthiness of the person who has given you Personal loan. As per section 68...

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Balance Transfer

can Personal loan be transferred to another bank?

Sometimes we take loans at higher interest because of which making the monthly EMI payments will become a huge burden. For this purpose, a balance transfer of your personal loan can be done. What is a Balance Transfer? In Balance Transfer, the entire unpaid loan amount is transferred to another bank which is...

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Lower Your home loan EMI

You can reset the Higher rates banks charge old home loan customers Just like bank depositors, those borrowing from banks also need to be alert in order to protect themselves against unnecessary charges. Here are the most common areas where banks tend to overcharge customers.Your home loan EMI. If...

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Good & Bad financial habits

ADOPT THESE FINANCIAL HABITS Review Portfolio You need to keep track of current investments. Get rid of those investments which are giving negative returns. Your returns should match with the financial goals. Reviewing portfolio helps in assessing any additional investment requirements. Maintain a Budget As the Finance Minister prepares...

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Decoding InvITs, REITs and AIFs

Decoding InvITs, REITs and AIFs. Attracting long-term capital to facilitate investments in Infrastructure and Real Estate sector is the key driver for economic growth. Initiatives like Infrastructure Investment trust (InvITs) and Real Estate Investment trust (REITs) will attract public private partnerships (PPP) and foreign capital at large. Terms like...

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