SIP not a risk with us and is beneficial

SIP not a risk with us and is beneficial

We know your queries

SIP is not a different type of investment. It is investment in mutual funds. The value fluctuates with market and we drive you in the right Direction

What we do

  1. We do a lot of research on your behalf
  2. We do the best analysis pertaining to different schemes
  3. We consider your age and financial goals

The benefits from INSTAEMI

  1. We observe the portfolio closely to ensure your money is safe
  2. We will rightly change the scheme or portfolio as and when required
  3. We also know the market variations and can easily assess the performance graph
  4. We follow all metrics to not deviate from the advantages of SIP, Rupee Cost


Rupee Cost Averaging:

  • One doesn’t have to worry about when to invest, how much to invest etc.Considering daily market movements as Systematic Investing reduces the risk significantly.
  • Eliminates the need to time your investments in equities
  • Smothery the impact of market fluctuations and hence reduces the risk of investing in volatile markets
  • The risk of market volatility gets negated with more units being purchased when the price is low and fewer units being bought when the price is high.Average cost of unit will always be lesser than the average NAV per unit, regardless of the market movements.
    At any point of time total NAV value is more than the total cost of units. So it is beneficial
    Power of compounding: Power of compounding is known as 8th Wonder. Saving a small sum of money regularly in Equity Mutual Funds can make your money work with greater power and can have a significant impact on wealth accumulation.

Let us see an example of Prashanth and Prasad

SIP Financial PLanning

When Prasad invested for 15 years he got 45.96 lakh after 15 years and when Prashanth invested for 20 years he got 1.17 crore. A seemingly 5 year delay costed Prashanth ‘CROREPATI’ Tag. That is the power of compounding
“We are waiting to wisely multiply your investment”

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