Refer & Earn Rs.5000 CASHBACK

InstaEMI is the successful Fintech Organisation from 2012, We work with 30 Banks, 40 AMC’s, Few life & general Insurance Companies and online financial plan around personal finance products.

InstaEMI is Going Digital and Introduces Referral Programme for Expansion.

How does InstaEMI Referral Programme Work?

  • You need to get registered to InstaEMI Referral Programme
  • And a Unique Referral Link will be Sent to your Email
  • You have to forward this Link to your friend, who needs Personal Loan
  • Personal Loan Should be Applied through this link
  • And now it’s done! Just wait for the Approval.
  • Immediately after the Loan Disbursal, you will get a Referral Bonus of 5000/- and your friend will get a Cash Back of 5000/-

What counts as a successful referral?

Your Referral is Considered successful When it meets the following terms:

  1. Personal Loan Should be Applied through the Link
  2. Loan amount should be 5lakh or above

Getting registered and forwarding your Referral Link to your friends will not make money, Any person or any friend of you should apply for the Personal loan from your referral link, then it will be considered as a Successful Referral. When the Loan Amount is 5lakh or above you will earn a referral reward of 5000/-

Note:  This Offer is Eligible on Personal Loan Amount of 5lakh and above


Get Register Here and Refer your Friends


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