Life Stage Finance Mantra

Financial Planning for Life Stages


Finance is generally considered a boring subject even though it plays a very important role in our life. Today with more and more families going nuclear, planning for your future has become all the more vital.

In the olden days, you must have seen our parents and grandparents toiling all their life to earn enough to buy a house. Now people who have been working for only a couple of years are buying homes. Your affordability have increased, but along with it comes the long term commitment to repay the loan. Spiraling prices and low job security means you can be in deep financial crisis unless you plan your finances astutely.

How to go about it?

As you traverse life, you go through various stages, events and you realize your priorities change too.  Similarly with Finance Planning. During the early stages of your career, your risk appetite will be higher and your investment goals can be aggressive. As responsibilities and/or liabilities increase, you become more conservative. Towards the end of your career your aim will be to fund your retired life and hence on Capital Protection.

Let us take a look at what to concentrate on across various life stages from a finance planning standpoint.


Needs Life Stages
Single Recently Married Married with kids Kids going to school Higher studies for child, marriage Golden years
Physical Asset Creation High High High Medium Medium Low
Wealth Creation High High Medium High Medium Low
Savings & Liquid Cash Needs Low Low Medium High High High
Short & Long Term Loans Medium High High High High Low
Life Insurance Low Medium High High High Low
Health Protection Low Medium High High High High
Personal Accident Medium Medium High High High Low
Critical illness Low Medium High High High Low
Retirement Planning Low Low High High Medium Low
Investment / GOALS Planning Low Medium High High High Low
Insurance Planning Low Medium High High High Low
WILL Writing & Estate Planning Low Low Medium High High High



#1. Earning Individual

Young, healthy, Low Liability with disposable Income. You can opt for Investments aimed at Physical Asset and Wealth Creation.

#2. Married

Recently married; might need to go for loans for housing, interiors etc… Time to think about securing Health, Life and Finances.

#3. Parenthood

Responsibilities are increasing;  seriously work towards a financially secure future.

#4. Kids’ Schooling

Expenses are increasing; but don’t forget to stick to your Investment Goals.

#5. Kid’s Higher Education, Marriage

Biggest responsibility; lot of expenses. Will start seeing benefits of wise financial planning.

#6. Retired Life

No regular income; but your meticulous planning and structured finance management will let you enjoy your golden years in Peace.



So  what are you waiting for? Put this Mantra into practice and start planning towards a life of financial freedom.

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