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4 Factors that effect your credit score

4 Factors that affect your credit score

Credit Score The good CIBIL score is the key for your loan approval. Credit score will always be the preference of the lender to figure out your creditworthiness. Every lender will check your credit score before approving your loan. The score of your cibil lies between 300 to 900, The...

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Instant Professional Loans India

3 Types of Instant Professional Loans Served in India

Professional Loans In the world of Credit, there are specially crafted loans for salaried or self-employed professionals. There will be some special privileges to these professionals.The following are the type of professional loans. Professional Loans for Doctors These Loans are precisely for Doctors. Primarily doctors choose these type of...

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Mortgage Loan Online

6 Points to consider while applying for a Mortgage Loan

Mortgage Loan Meaning: The mortgage loan is the Loan in which the borrower uses real estate or property as collateral. The borrower makes an agreement with the lender and withdraws cash easily and then the repayment is set over a time period till he repays the whole to the...

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refer and earn

Refer & Earn Rs.5000 CASHBACK

InstaEMI is the successful Fintech Organisation from 2012, We work with 30 Banks, 40 AMC’s, Few life & general Insurance Companies and online financial plan around personal finance products. Instaemi start a Reffer And Earn Cash Back  programme i.e Reffer and Earn Cash Back. How does InstaEMI Referral Programme Work? You...

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Personal Loan Tax Deductible

Is a Personal Loan Tax Deductible?

Personal loan – Tax Deductions A personal loan can be taken for any use like financing wedding expenses, medical expenses, trips, renovation or construction of the house, etc. But a personal loan cannot be taken for speculative purposes. However the lenders are not anxious with the use of the loan and no...

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Investing in mutual fund

Can mutual funds be used as collateral?

Can Mutual Funds Be Used As Collateral: Yes,  your Mutual Funds can be used as collateral against loans. These loans are called loan against securities/ LoanAgainst Mutual Funds units (LAMF). You can borrow money for short period instead of stopping SIP which is a way to financial freedom or redeeming your Mutual Funds. You can avail...

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