Are My Investments Secured..?

Are My Investments Secured..?

“This a Frequent question in our mind.Yes they are when you observe and study.”

Stocks and Bonds
  • Investing in stocks is standardized than before
  • To make it a science Government has taken all the required steps
  • STOCKS and ENCHANGE Board of INDIA is involved in all the approvals
  • From the time of Public Issue it governs the behavior of any Company
  • Frequent reports were sent to SEBI and they are immensely monitored
  • Any misbehavior or misuse or incorrect administration will be allegated and addressed
  • Coming to Bonds…
  • It is as good as lending money and gaining interest on the principal.
  • There is no danger of losing the money
  • Sometimes the profits may be less
  • As the bonds are majority of the time issued by Government that is a secured investment

Mutual Funds

  • Well, this is universal now.
  • SEBI also tracks all the changes in Scheme, behavior of AMC etc
  • This ensures the fund management is done properly
  • Equity is hot cake, gaining attention of people all over
  • You need to be more patient when you invest in Mutual Funds

Risk Factor

  • Any business will have some risk factors
  • No business is stopped rather increasing day by day
  • You are part of someone’s business when you invest
  • Though we have enough information online, it is advisable to take a professional advice
  • Give yourself some time to understand, start investing when you have clarity
    A modernized and transparent world with standardized Economy, just need to look at it”

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