Are Mutual funds taxable.?

We are there to define your investment and make it a pleasure

  1. Mutual Funds yield profits and you can also save taxes when you invest.
  2. Unlike individual stock market you need not worry about your money. We will take all the necessary precautions to make it good investment

ELSS…is Equity Linked Savings Scheme. When you start investing under ELSS the returns are not taxable. When you save in equity for longer periods it gives the best fruit. It is one of the most preferred ways of investing in Mutual Funds. You can also group a bunch of schemes which are normally addressed as Portfolio

  • We are an expert team to manage your Money.
  • We understand your future goals and make you ready for all those requirements from now.
  • We show all the concern to make you understand the basics and importance.
  • We are Economy explorers since long and aware of all the trends.
Do you know?
  • You can also opt for dividend. But Cumulative, where the dividend is reinvested gives the maximum profit. Simply it acts as compounded interest
  • You can invest lump sum or in SIP.
  • You can invest in SIP, where it is easy every month and advisable to achieve long term financial goals that are at least five years away.
  • You can continue your SIP though you need to take a pause in the mean time and there are no penalties or late payment charges.
  • You can also invest more than what you planned if it is feasible to you at any point of time.
  • You are doing a peaceful saving and as you know your investment, you can adjust the expenditure accordingly.
  • You can withdraw your money any time when the Fund is open ended.

For your information

  • With SIP ELSS you will average your purchases cost and also navigate volatility better.
  • We will study the Fund Manager Experience, as he plays key role in Mutual funds.
  • We invest your fund intelligently among Large Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap Stocks.
  • Mutual funds are not taxable after one year of investment (lump sum and all SIP installments more than one year).
  • Once you understand the basic Investment you will get to know a lot from there.

“Any Investment is for good returns and to reach financial goals, we would accompany you” Start your SIP Now at

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